Netflix going up by $1 (update)

Netflix has certainly given ample us warning of their price increase, well now it is happening. Today it’s customers are receiving notifications that a monthly subscription will now cost $8.99. If you are already a subscriber your price will be locked in at $7.99 for two years.

Update: If you are quick you may still be able to get the old $7.99 price. The Netflix website still indicates the old price.

Source: Engadget

Social insurance Numbers taken from Revenue Canada

As it turns out the Heartbleed bug not only caused the shutdown of Revenue Canada’s online tax portal last week but it also resulted in the theft of 900 Social Insurance Numbers (SIN). According to the CBC, the Canada Revenue Agency will contact those affected by registered letters only. Therefore if you are contacted by someone by email, telephone or other means with your SIN, they are fraudulent. The Agency also stated that credit protection services will be provided to those affected at no cost.

Source: CBC

Apple no longer updates Snow Leopard

Although Apple released an update to its Macintosh operating system this week to combat serious security flaws, Snow Leopard was not included in the update. This is the first time that Version 10.6 of its computer operating system has been left out and signals an end to updates for the 4.5 year old OS despite the fact that up to 19% of Mac computers still run it. Users of Snow Leopard are strongly encouraged to update to a version that is being updated as it leaves them vulnerable to security flaws. Microsoft will also abandon an older version of its operating system, Windows XP, in April but in this case notice was given to its clients months in advance. It is estimated that approximately 30% of PC’s still run the 12 year old XP operating system.

Source: Boy Genius Report and PC World

25 gift cards with purchase of Apple TV (US only)

The US branch of the Apple store has just today started to offer a $25 iTunes gift card to customers who purchase an Apple TV between February 28 and March 5, 2014. Unfortunately the same offer is not available in Canada but this “discount” may be a sign that Apple is trying to get rid of its inventory in preparation for the release of the next version of their streaming device. Many rumours abound as to what this new device may look like, including an updated interface and additional content, but up to now there has been no official information released by Apple. Stay tuned…

Source: Engadget

Northern Lights to give a show tonight

If you are like myself and live in a large city in southern Canada, you don’t often get a chance to see the Northern Lights. Well you might be lucky tonight (February 26) as most of Canada and the northern US will be able to be able to view the phenomenon. Apparently a very large solar event that took place on the far side of the sun on February 25 is expected to reach us tonight causing the display. So if you are in an area with clear skies, look out to the northern skies to check out the show.

You can find out more information about Northern Lights and sign up for alerts at the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute website.

Apple now closes security hole in OS X

As reported earlier Apple has had to deal with a pretty serious security flaw on its mobile operating system. It has now addressed the same issue on it operating system running on Macs with the latest update, 10.9.2. If you were not aware both versions of the operating systems had a SSL vulnerability that could allow third parties access to your device. So if you have not gotten the update yet you should visit the Mac App Store and download it now. Although it is now only available for Mavericks it will soon be available for other versions of OS X.

Don’t forget to update your Apple TV which is also running iOS.

Source: Engadget