Apple HDTV

Well another day, another set of Apple rumours, this time it’s about the Apple TV that is expected to be released sometime later this year. Several sources reported on the upcoming Apple TV on Monday, including a “leaked” Best Buy customer survey seeking feedback on specs for the new Apple device. As expected it is basically a large 42″ HD monitor with an Apple TV built into it. Some of the capabilities included in the description are it: runs iOS, has App Store connectivity, has the ability to run video conferencing with the built in camera and microphone, allows access to all your data using iCloud and has support for Netflix, You Tube and Flickr. Other reports discuss Apple partnering with Verizon and AT&T for content. Given the reluctance that media distributors have already expressed for joining with Apple in any agreement, this may prove to be more challenging than any technical issues that are overcome with this latest magical device.

Source: The Verge and Boy Genius Report


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