Whose mobile operating system crashes the most? iOS or Android?

It is a popular belief that Apple computers are more stable and crash less than PC’s. Is the same true when you compare Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, to the other major mobile operating system, Google’s Android OS. Well a recent report released by Crittercism indicates that iOS is much less stable than Android, in fact iOS was found to crash twice as often as Android. The biggest offender is Apple’s most recent update to its OS, version 5.01.1, it is responsible for 28% of the crashes. By comparison, the biggest offender for Android is an earlier version of Gingerbread, v. 2.3.3, it accounts for less than 4% of the crashes. The reasons for this large difference are not clear. Some speculate this it is a result of Apple’s strict approval process for Apps that results in long delays before developers can get bug fixes and updates into the App store. Android developers on the other hand can choose auto updating of their Apps which means any updates made to the App after it has been initially approved can go straight to the Android market without any further review. Whatever the reason, it may give people who are on undecided as to which ecosystem to commit to, another reason to consider the Android world.

Source: PC World 


2 thoughts on “Whose mobile operating system crashes the most? iOS or Android?

  1. iOS and Android do very rarely crash on their own despite what article indicates (and what PC World indicateas). It’s the apps running on the operating system that crash. In other words, it’s not the code written by neither Google nor Apple that crash; it’s the code written by the app-developers that crash.

    The reason why a lot of apps crash on iOS 5 is because it’s new and relatively complicated, and hence app-developers haven’t yet fully got to grips with the ins and outs of the OS, making invalid calls to the OS or mis-interpreting return values.

    Apples operating systems are indeed known for being very stable and having very low bug-counts. This also goes for iOS 5.

    The critisism shouldn’t be around stability / non-stability of the operating system, but rather of the relative increase in complexity.

    Microsofts operating systems, in the other hand, are inherently pretty buggy (and to be fair to Microsoft, Win7 is much better tested and has a far lower bug-count than many previous versions)

    • Good point “madsmadsen”. You would think though with the rigorous screening process that Apple has in place for its Apps it would pick up on these bugs more so than Google which does very little screening.

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