Rogers rolling out multiroom PVR’s?

Well, it’s that upgrade that many people have been waiting for or is it? Rogers seems to be rolling out multiroom PVR capabilies for its cable TV subscribers in Ontario. Although there is no news on the Rogers website, Future Shop and Best Buy’s websites suggest that these capabilities are now available with the new Nextbox 2.0 HD PVR and HD Terminal. These “new” devices are actually a rebranding of the Scientific Atlanta’s 8642 HD PVR and 4642 HD Terminal models. As it turned out these devices which have been available for more than a year have always had multiroom capabilities, Rogers just choose not to activate this feature, until now. These newer settop boxes are the only ones that are compatible with the multiroom PVR functionality, the older 8300 units do not support this feature. To get the system up and running you require a Nextbox HD PVR, each additional TV in your home requires a Nextbox HD terminal that is networked with the HD PVR; up to 2 HD PVR’s and 4 HD Terminals can be added to each home. Installation of a filter is required to ensure there is no leakage outside of your home network and can only be done by Rogers installers at a cost of $50.

According to information circulating on a few blogs on the subject, Rogers employees and select customers have been beta testing the multiroom capabilities along with an enhanced Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) for several months. The rollout was supposed to take place in January and early February but it seems that this has been delayed until at least February 24 due to issues with the IPG. Once the problems are worked out and based on the blogs there are quite a number of them, the upgraded IPG should start appearing on the 8642 and 4642 models. Those people wanting to take the plunge into the world of multiroom PVR’s should contact Rogers to schedule an appointment for the hookup.

Source: Community Forums (1) and (2) and Digital Home


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