Over the Air TV cloud service

The American company, IAC/InterActive Corp, recently announced plans for a service which will stream Over the Air (OTA) broadcasts of the major networks on the internet.  According to the New York Times story, it is one of the most ambitious attempts to date to circumvent the traditional television distribution model put into place by cable and satellite TV providers.  To get over the legal issues of rebroadcasting television signals, the fee charged to its users is for the rental of an actual antenna, the signal of which is then streamed back to the user.  For now at least this is only available in New York city, a restriction which is strictly enforced through a IP address and geo-location verification.  The service will cost 12 $/month and include an on-line Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that will stream the service to any internet connected device, including cell phones, media players, tablets and TV’s.  Even though it will not have HBO or ESPN, it may be an interesting alternative for people thinking about cutting their cable, especially if this service is used in combination with on-demand services such as Netflix.

Even though there are no plans in place for a similar service in Canada, people in most major cities can pick up OTA digital TV signals themselves using an inexpensive antenna.  Provided that your television is a newer model that has a digital tuner, you should be able to pick up High Definition signals from all the major networks.  Broadcasters in Canada started transmitting their signals digitally in most large cities in September 2011.  More information about OTA TV in Canada can be found in the Home Entertainment tab of this website

Source: New York Times    


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