Is a new Apple TV release imminent?

Whenever inventory for an Apple product reaches low levels at third party retailers, it is a sure sign that a replacement product is ready to be released. This is what is currently going on with the Apple TV, recent checks at Future Shop and Best Buy websites indicates that the Apple TV is no longer available. The Verge is also reporting similar non-availability at retailers in the UK and the US, even though the Apple website ( does indicate that the product is still shipping. The timing for this apparent refresh does seem a bit odd. Even though experts agree that the folks at Cupertino are working on an actual Apple branded television, most predict it would be released later in the year. Unless they plan to take everyone by surprise with an early release of their television, Apple could also release an upgrade to the second generation version of their streaming device that was released back in September 2010. Given the recent promotion of its Airplay capabilities for the iPad and soon for the Mac, there is no doubt that a some type of new device will be released soon.

Source: The Verge


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