Airplay/Mirroring for your Mac computer

Ever since the capability to mirror your iPad’s screen on a Apple TV connected television was made available during the last iOS upgrade, Mac users have been asking for the same magical ability to be available on their laptops.  Well it seems these requests have not fell on deaf ears as the crew over at Cupertino have included this in the next upgrade of their computer OS.  The next version, OS 10.8, dubbed Mountain Lion, was just released this week to developers and includes Airplay along with a number of other features.  The upgrade isn’t expected to be released to the general public though until sometime in the summer.  For those of you who can’t wait until then to get their Mac Book Air’s display on the big screen you now have an alternative, AirParrot.  This app is available in the app store for $10 and supports all Macs running OSX Snow Leopard or Lion.  It works in much the same way as AirPlay works for the iPad with a couple of exceptions; it does not support audio streaming and it will not bypass any Apple TV passwords that you have setup.  The developer has promised fixes for these deficiencies in future updates.

Source: iPhone in Canada and The Verge

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