Nokia Lumia 900 available for pre-order

AT&T has just today opened up pre-orders for the Lumia 900; according to the Engadget post they are expected to arrive on or before April 6. Canadians have had the ability to pre-order this latest and greatest Nokia handset through Rogers for a couple of weeks. You can pre-order it if you are a new customer and reserve it if you are an existing Rogers customer, either way you will have to have a Rogers account to view the Lumia 900 page. The phone is $99.99 on a three year contract and is expected to be available for purchase for $449.99. As a reminder, the Nokia device has a 4.3″ AMOLED display, LTE connectivity, a 1.4 GHz processor, a 8 mega pixel rear camera with HD video recording and is running Windows Phone 7.5. Given the outstanding specs of this flagship device, it seems that both Nokia and Microsoft are keeping the price artificially low to get it into as many hands as possible. The Rogers site does not give a release date but it is expected to be April 10 which is the closing date of their Dark Knight Lumia 900 limited edition giveaway contest.

Source: Engadget


On-line video overtaking DVD, Blu-ray

A recent report from IHS that tracked the viewing habits of Americans, indicated that 2012 will likely be the year that people consume more video on-line than from DVD and Blu-ray’s. The study projects that on-line viewing will increase from 1.4 billion movies in 2011 to reach 3.4 billion in 2012, compared to 2.4 billion expected views on physical media. Netflix will likely be the largest recipient of this increase, but other services such as Apple’s iTunes store, Amazon and traditional TV providers will also likely benefit. Traditional providers, such as cable and satellite companies are just now getting serious about the streaming movie business; there are even reports of cable companies talking with Netflix about a possible distribution deal. Another factor that is driving people towards on-line services is the increased quality of the video that is being made available. A case in point was the recent upgrade to HD videos in the iTunes store which followed the release of the new Apple set top box now capable of delivering full 1080p quality to your television. There is no doubt that people will continue to buy their movies on DVD’s and Blu-ray’s but as with CD’s, once on-line and streaming services become more convenient and simple to use, sales of physical media will decline. The only thing that could slow this decline is the cost and availability of sufficient bandwidth which is more of an issue in Canada than in the US.
Source: PC World

Up to 50% off Corel Products – March 30 – April 1

If you are a fan of Corel software, this weekend is a good time to head on over to their web site to take advantage of some great savings. Until midnight on April 1st, the following software is on sale:

  • Painter 12 for Windows or Mac: $359 (reg. $429), updgrade $189 (reg. $229)
  • WinDVD Pro: $49.99 (reg. $79.99), upgrade $29.99 (reg. $59.99)
  • PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate: $49.99 (reg. $99.99), upgrade $39.99 (reg. $79.99)
  • Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle: $79.99 (reg. $149), upgrade $59.99 (reg. $119)
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6: $69.99 (reg. $99.99), upgrade $49.99 (reg. $79.99)

Ground shipping is free and with the purchase of any other product you can pick up Corel Office for only $15, a $80 value.

WD My Book Live Duo – Thunderbolt Edition (update)

For those of you itching to get your hands on this lightening fast external drive for your Mac it looks like your wishes will soon be answered.  The Western Digital My Book Live Duo – Thunderbolt edition, discussed in a previous post, will be available on-line from the Future Shop on April 30.  The 4 TB is listed at $525.99, while the 6 TB model will be $612.99.  Strangely enough, these models are listed at $599.99 and $699.99 respectively on the Western Digital store.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Not wanting to feel left out of the OS update game, Microsoft recently unveiled a Consumer Preview of Windows 8, the next version of its operating system. Microsoft’s objective with this upgrade, was to create an operating system that could function equally well on both a tablet environment that tends to rely on a touch interface for its input as well as a traditional computer that uses a keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has actually promised a full powered version of it new OS that would work well on both types of devices. Apple on the other hand has expanded iOS, it’s phone OS so that it works well in a tablet environment, which isn’t much of a stretch given that both of these devices function with a touch UI. It should be added that the next version of desktop operating system, Mountain Lion, will be borrowing many features from it popular mobile operating system, iOS. Therefore it seems that the hugely popular touch interface that is being used on today’s smart phones and tablets is starting to exert its influence on the operating system and user interface on desktop computers.

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Harry Potter books finally available electronically

After resisting releasing electronic versions of her books for many years, J.K. Rowling has finally made an e-version of the hugely popular Harry Potter books available on her website, Pottermore, on Tuesday. The entire series is available in various formats for most electronic readers and tablets, including Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Google Play. Once you create a Pottermore account and buy the book you can download it in the format of your choice, you can actually download it up to eight times in all combinations of formats. The first three volumes are $7.99 each while the last four are $9.99 each. The electronic versions are not available on the iTunes store, so to purchase it for your i-device you will have to choose the ePub format and then sync it to your device. The initial versions are identical to the published versions, but it is expected that “enhanced” versions with audio and video content will be available soon. Digital audio books are also available on the site.

Source: CBC News, The Verge 

How do you connect your iPad to the Internet?

Well if your using WiFi to connect your iPad to the Internet you are not alone. According to Localytics about 94% of iPad sessions that took place between March 16 and 21st took place via a WiFi connection. This is not surprising since it found that 89.7% of the iPads we’re WiFi only devices. Of the cellular devices it tracked, 8.8% were 3G enabled and 1.5% were the new iPads that had a LTE radio on board. Likely due to the high cost of cellular data, users of these devices only took advantage of their cellular capabilities 45% and 36% of the time respectively. If you are thinking of picking up a new LTE enabled iPad you may want to think twice before you put down the extra $130 for capabilities that you may not use very often.  iPad connection options were discussed in a recent post.

Source: Localytics, Mobile Syrup