Over the Air TV cloud service (update)

I earlier reported on a service that Aereo was putting in place in New York City that would make Over the Air (OTA) broadcast signals and a DVR available on the internet for $12 per month. At the time it was thought that the company was treading into tricky territory by re-broadcasting OTA TV signals without any sort of license from broadcasters. The company’s position was that they were simply renting out the use of an antenna to their subscribers and allowing them to view these over any internet connection. It was an interesting scheme given the availability of OTA broadcast signals and the difficulty some people have, for example those people in apartments, to be able to install their own antenna and pick up these signals reliably. Well the broadcasters don’t see it that way and yesterday it was announced that several of them, including Fox and PBS, are suing Aereo. The company responded by saying they don’t believe they are doing anything against the law and look forward to fully airing the issues in advance of their March 14 launch day.

Source: Engadget


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