Apple streaming TV service coming soon?

Apple may have overcome the technical and user interface challenges on their upcoming Apple TV but a recent New York post article reported that they are making little headway in brokering deals with companies to provide content for these new devices.  As it has done in the past with the music industry and magazine publishers, Apple is trying to exert control over all aspects of the upcoming service including content and pricing.  Apparently they are proposing to offer individual channels or groups of channels as apps, that would be available on all of its i-devices, including the Apple TV.  Apple already allows users to download and rent movies and television shows but they would like to include a streaming option as well.  Although they have failed at their previous attempts to get a deal with content providers and cable companies, given the changing landscape in the on-demand TV area with such newcomers as Netflix, the time may be right for Apple to make a deal.  Some further light may be shed on this new service on March 7 when Apple is expected to unveil an update to their Apple TV branded set top box along with the refresh to their popular iPad.

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