Apple’s iPad Event

Surprise, surprise. Well not really. Today Apple released an upgrade to the iPad. As expected the next generation of Cupertino’s tablet, known only as the new iPad, has a high resolution display, LTE radio and upgraded rear and front facing cameras. In keeping with Apple’s more conservative nature it didn’t fully update it’s CPU, opting for a souped up A5 dual core chip with a quad core GPU. No doubt the improved graphics processor is needed to push all those pixels to the retina display. The new iPad will be available in Canada on March 16 at the same prices as the old version. If you opt for the 4G LTE models they will be available from Rogers, Telus and Bell.

A new Apple TV was also released, it looks exactly like the 2nd generation model but it is capable of outputting 1080p video. It will be sporting a new user interface which will also be coming to the older version today. The price in Canada is $109, which is $10 cheaper than the previous model.

With the update to Apple TV UI comes a closer integration with Netflix as it is now possible to sign up with the streaming service directly through the Apple TV and pay through your iTunes account. Is this the first step in the actual takeover of Netflix by Apple? Assimilation is futile. I wonder how long it will take for this rumour to start.

These products are now available for preorder on


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