Encyclopaedia Britannica abandoning print version

You probably saw this coming, but after 244 years the Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to stop printing a hard copy version of it encyclopaedia. Once known as the definitive source of information, it is finally succumbing to the digital age. Facing competition from such as websites as Wikipedia, company president Jorge Cauz announced on Tuesday that it will no longer be printing the encyclopaedia but will instead focus on it’s on-line version and educational curriculum for schools. About 85% of their revenue comes from selling their products to schools, with the remaining 15% coming from subscriptions to their on-line service. The Britannica app that is available on Apple app store is free to download but requires a $1.99 subscription fee to access its content. The last print version published in 2010, contained 32 volumes, weighed in at a hefty 129 pounds and sold for $1,395. World Book, another general knowledge encyclopaedia is still printing a hard copy, but as content becomes more widely available on the internet it is not known how long they will continue either.

Source: NY Times, Engadget


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