Netflix adds TEDTalks

Netflix continues to add content to its $7.99 a month service with the recent addition of TED Talks Shows. Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks are a set of conferences that are organized by the Sapling Foundation, whose goal it is to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”. Often criticised for its elitist attitude, these conferences which started in Monterey, California in 1990, take place in venues across the US, Europe and Asia. Given that the roots of the organization were in Silicon Valley, early topics focussed on technology. With its wider audience its topics have increased in scope, touching all aspects of science and culture. Speakers are each given 18 minutes to present their ideas to the audience in the most engaging way they can. Past presenters have included: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Larry Page and several Nobel Prize winners. For your convenience Netflix has grouped presentations on similar topics together into programs of about 2 hours in length. They have started with 14 so called TED Talks Shows and plan to add more in the future. As an aside, 1100+ TEDTalks are available at their web site for viewing, there are also iOS and Android apps available.

Source: Engadget, The Verge, Wikipedia


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