Apple overtakes Blackberry in Canada’s smartphone race

It is not surprising that given the unbelievable demand for the iPhone 4s at the end of 2011, for the first time since Blackberry devices were introduced over a decade ago, it is no longer the top selling smartphone in Canada. Data compiled by Bloomberg and IDC showed that in 2011, Apple shipped 2.85 million units compared to Blackberry’s 2.05 million. As recent as 2008, Blackberry devices outsold those of Apple by a factor of 5 to 1. Blackberry is actually between product release cycles which can to some degree account for this decline. Last year it released several devices including the Bold 9900 that ran Blackberry OS 7; while later this year it is expected to be releasing Blackberry OS 10 along with new devices that support the updated OS. Most analysts though blame the decline of Blackberry on its failure to produce innovative new devices, instead it continued to provide only marginal improvements to its existing product line. It relied on its business user base that continued to buy its products because of its hardware keyboard, Blackberry Messenger and ‘push email’. Meanwhile, Apple targeted consumers with the iPhone and because of its innovative design and intuitive user interface created a demand within the consumer segment for smartphones that has been slowly eating away at the business market. Unless Blackberry is able to reverse this trend with the introduction of some new devices later this year, it risks further erosion of its corporate user base that will spell certain doom for the once high flyer of the Canadian high tech industry.

Source: Mobile Syrup, The Verge, CBC News


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