How do you connect your iPad to the Internet?

Well if your using WiFi to connect your iPad to the Internet you are not alone. According to Localytics about 94% of iPad sessions that took place between March 16 and 21st took place via a WiFi connection. This is not surprising since it found that 89.7% of the iPads we’re WiFi only devices. Of the cellular devices it tracked, 8.8% were 3G enabled and 1.5% were the new iPads that had a LTE radio on board. Likely due to the high cost of cellular data, users of these devices only took advantage of their cellular capabilities 45% and 36% of the time respectively. If you are thinking of picking up a new LTE enabled iPad you may want to think twice before you put down the extra $130 for capabilities that you may not use very often.  iPad connection options were discussed in a recent post.

Source: Localytics, Mobile Syrup

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