Harry Potter books finally available electronically

After resisting releasing electronic versions of her books for many years, J.K. Rowling has finally made an e-version of the hugely popular Harry Potter books available on her website, Pottermore, on Tuesday. The entire series is available in various formats for most electronic readers and tablets, including Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Google Play. Once you create a Pottermore account and buy the book you can download it in the format of your choice, you can actually download it up to eight times in all combinations of formats. The first three volumes are $7.99 each while the last four are $9.99 each. The electronic versions are not available on the iTunes store, so to purchase it for your i-device you will have to choose the ePub format and then sync it to your device. The initial versions are identical to the published versions, but it is expected that “enhanced” versions with audio and video content will be available soon. Digital audio books are also available on the site.

Source: CBC News, The Verge 

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