Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Not wanting to feel left out of the OS update game, Microsoft recently unveiled a Consumer Preview of Windows 8, the next version of its operating system. Microsoft’s objective with this upgrade, was to create an operating system that could function equally well on both a tablet environment that tends to rely on a touch interface for its input as well as a traditional computer that uses a keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has actually promised a full powered version of it new OS that would work well on both types of devices. Apple on the other hand has expanded iOS, it’s phone OS so that it works well in a tablet environment, which isn’t much of a stretch given that both of these devices function with a touch UI. It should be added that the next version of desktop operating system, Mountain Lion, will be borrowing many features from it popular mobile operating system, iOS. Therefore it seems that the hugely popular touch interface that is being used on today’s smart phones and tablets is starting to exert its influence on the operating system and user interface on desktop computers.

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