Network Attached Storage, your new Digital Hub

In the past the desktop computer served as the digital hub in a household.  It provided full functionality for storing, editing and viewing all of your digital media such as documents, music, photographs and video.  As computing technology improved and became more mobile, use of laptop computers expanded.  Today household members use a variety of technology to create and consume digital content, including laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, even smart televisions.  These devices no longer need to have the full functionality of a desktop computer as each serves a smaller subset of capabilities.  What they do need is to have access to data.  Most can access data from the internet and some of them have internal storage that they can use but this is usually fairly limited given the size of most mobile devices today.  In addition, how can all of the data that these devices collect, e.g. photographs and videos, be shared amongst other users within the household.  The one device that can serve as your digital hub, that can store your data and then make it available to any other device within your own local area network, is the Network Attached Storage (NAS).
Read more about NAS devices here.

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