Windows 8 set to launch in October

Recently Bloomberg reported that Microsoft will be finishing Windows 8 this summer, setting the stage for an October release. The new version of the operating system, was designed from the ground up to run on PC’s as well as touchscreens tablets. With this larger ecosystem to serve, this will be the first time that the Windows OS will be released on devices that have Intel or ARM chips in them, the same type of chips that are used in Apple’s iPad. It is expected that in addition to the more than 40 devices Intel processors, there will be 5 ARM containing machines unveiled, of which 3 are expected to be tablets. Windows has always been run on Intel chips so getting it to run on ARM products has been a bit more challenging Microsoft is expected to have an April event which will provide more details on the release. Having an early fall release date is important to target Christmas sales when Microsoft hopes to win back some market share from Apple’s iPad.

You read more about Windows 8 here.

Source: Bloomberg 

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