MacBook Pros in short supply

Well a sure sign that a MacBook refresh is coming soon is dwindling stock at retailers. AppleInsider just reported on a shortage of 15″ MacBook Pros at several resellers including Best Buy in the US while the Amazon UK store has an “order soon” warning on some models. Here in Canada the sale at the Future Shop that started on April 6 will be continuing until April 19, with discounts of up to $100 on some Pros. It is suspected that retailers are trying to clear their stock of older models to make space for an upgraded one. The new MacBook Pro is expected to feature the faster Ivy Bridge processor as well as do away with the optical and the traditional hard drive in favour of an SSD drive which would allow it to have an ultra-thin design similar to the MacBook Air. Some insiders are even predicting that the update would include a 2880 x 1800 retina display. The new models are expected by the end of the month, in time to take advantage of Mountain Lion’s release in June.

Source: MacTrast and Macworld


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