Rogers ending DVD and Game Rentals on April 15

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before Rogers ended its money losing video and game rental business.  A local Rogers store employee just today confirmed that April 15 will be the last day that rentals will be available at it stores.  Starting on April 16 all of its DVD’s, Blu-rays and game disks will be for sale.  You better shop early for best selection as the previously enjoyed disks will be sold on a buy one get one free basis.  Rogers started closing it money losing video outlets in December and by the end of January 63 of its outlets were closed.  Competition from on-line services such as iTunes and Netflix is no doubt the reason for the recent trend in video outlet closures which started with Blockbuster closing all of its 252 stores in October.  Once all of the rentals are sold, the Rogers stores are expected to concentrate on the cable and wireless business.

Source: Me and Nigara Falls Review

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