Windows Media Center and Windows 8

It seems that Windows Media Center (WMC) will return to its roots as a separate add-on in Windows 8, to be released in the fall. In a recent blog describing the upcoming OS, it was mentioned that WMC will be available as an “economical media-pack” addition to the Windows Pro version. This would save Windows users from paying the licensing fees for Codecs, such as Dolby Digital, that are required to play live TV and other tasks within WMC. It is estimated that only a small fraction of users actually use the add-on presently so Microsoft is not expecting too many users to object to the change. WMC is presently available in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. With a tuner added to your computer a user has access to an Interactive Programming Guide that makes watching, pausing and recording live a breeze. In my opinion MWC is one of the better media interfaces available for computers so the added cost to have it in Windows 8 would be well worth it.

Source: Engadget 1 and 2


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