Bell to charge $2.00 for paper bill in June

Starting June 1, Bell Canada will start charging $2.00 per month to those people who are still getting their bill in the mail. They recently sent out a reminder to all of their customers extolling the virtues of the e-billing service and at the same telling them of the service charge. If you don’t call them up or login to your account and request the change they will, by default, continue to send you a paper bill and charge your account an additional $2 per month. If you want to avoid the extra charge the easiest way to make the change is to call Bell up at 310-2355 and change your billing profile. If you have an on-line account you can do it on the Bell website. First go to the website and log-in to your account, then go to “Your Bills”, then click on “My Profile” at the top of the page. On the next page click on “Billing and Services Profile” and scroll down until you see “Bill Format”, if it says “Paper Bill” or “Paper and E-bill “, click on change and indicate “E-bill” only. If you have multiple services with Bell, for example Internet, Home Phone and Cell Phones, be sure to check and change, if necessary, each of your accounts.


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