DVD playback not built into Windows 8

Citing the high costs of acquiring the specialized set of decoders needed to play DVD’s on PC’s, Microsoft recently announced that Windows 8 will not include this functionality in its Windows Media Player. Given the increased popularity of on-line video and streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube, the folks at Redmond didn’t feel that this feature would be missed by many of its users. They add that, people who still want to play DVD’s on their PC will have the option to purchase Windows Media Center which will have this ability. The add-on will be known as Windows 8 Media Center Pack and will be available for purchase only by those with the Pro version of the OS. Users could also buy decoders from third parties (e.g. VLC media player) or rely on hardware manufacturers to provide playback software. If you will be upgrading a PC from Windows 7 which has this functionality built into it, it is not clear if the decoders would be preserved in the upgrade. The new version of Microsoft’s operating system is expected to be released in the fall.

Source: PC Magazine and PC World


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