New Bell Internet Plans Can Save You Money

If Bell is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and you live in Ontario or Quebec you may want to check out the latest offerings from them on their website. As of May 6, Bell has introduced a number of new plans that offer faster upload and download speeds as well as increased monthly bandwidth. There are now five different plans available, these are:

  • Internet 5/1: 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload and 15 GB usage for $36.95 ($29.95 for the first 6 months)
  • Internet 15/10: 15 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload and 75 GB usage for $49.95 ($26.97 for the first 6 months)
  • Internet 25/10: 25 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload and 125 GB usage for $59.95 ($31.97 for the first 6 months)
  • Internet 50/50: 50 Mbps download, 50 Mbps upload and 250 GB usage for $79.95
  • Internet 175/175: 175 Mbps download, 175 Mbps upload and 300 GB usage for $129.95

Not all of the plans are available in all areas, you can verify the services that are available to you by inputting your telephone number or postal code on the web site.

Even if you have been a customer for many years, it pays to call and ask for a price for your specific area, I did that myself. Previously I was paying $56.95 for Fibe 12 service (12 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload and 50 GB monthly usage) in addition to $4.95 per month for a modem rental. I have now upgraded to the Internet 15/10 service and after 6 months will be paying only $49.95 per month compared to $61.90 with my previous plan. As well, the new service promises increased upload and download speeds and an increase in the monthly usage cap.  Don’t forget to read the fine print as there may be a service call necessary to install new hardware.

It really pays to review your internet service with Bell on a regular basis because changes occur very frequently and without notice. Don’t expect Bell to tell you about these better deals because it is in their best interest to keep older customers paying higher premiums while they try to remain competitive with other ISP’s and attract new customers.

Once their Fibe Internet service is introduced into more communities, Bell will likely move ahead with more widespread implementation of Fibe TV, a service that is currently only available in Toronto and Montreal. This service provides delivery of TV signals through the same fibre optic network and offers a variety of enhancements compared to satellite and cable TV including: Whole Home PVR that lets you network up to 6 TV’s in your home, record up to 4 programs at the same time, storage of up to 150 hours of HD content and Apps on your TV.

Source: Bell and me


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