Smartphone use in Canada on the rise

According to a recent J.D. Power survey, 54% of Canadian wireless users own smartphones compared with only 36% last year. The increased capability of smartphones, in comparison to feature phones, is no doubt causing this shift. People are now relying more and more on these mobile computers that serve many functions, such as portable media players, digital still and video cameras, GPS devices and web browsers. The increased anywhere/anytime connectivity of these devices are making them an almost indispensable part of one’s daily life. Another survey confirms the usage, as it was shown that worldwide mobile internet usage has nearly doubled to 10% of total usage in the last year. In some countries, like India, mobile internet usage accounts for nearly 50% of total usage.

Another interesting point from the J.D. Power survey is that contrary to other surveys conducted in the US, Blackberry is still the most commonly used smartphone in Canada but its usage is dropping; 33% owning them this year which is down 9% from last year. As expected Apple and Samsung round out the other top smartphones with 30% and 13% respectively. Apple is slowly increasing its share being up 4% from last year. If the trends continue, the iPhone will likely be the most commonly used smartphone this time next year, especially with the refresh that is expected in the fall. Samsung was the biggest winner as it had only 4% of the market share last year.

The survey included responses from 14,000 cellphone users from October 2011 to March 2012.

Source: iPhone in Canada, Boy Genius Report


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