Class Action Lawsuit against Bell Mobility

An Elliot Lake resident has just launched a $100 million Class Action lawsuit against Bell, and its sub-brands Virgin and Solo Mobile, for contravention of the Ontario Consumer Protection Act related to its prepaid wireless cards. Celia Sankar, argues that since prepaid wireless are considered “gift cards” under the Act, they can’t have an expiry date. If you have ever purchased one of these cards you know that there is indeed an expiry date on them, the date varies depending on how many minutes are purchased. Ms. Sankara noted that on two occassions, in September 2011 and in February 2012, her balance of minutes was removed due to the expiry of the card. If the case gets certified as a class action, the plaintiff will represent all persons in Ontario who purchased prepaid wireless cards through Bell and it sub-brands. This could also set a precedent for lawsuits against other prepaid wireless services that have similiar terms and conditions.  You can find out more information about the law suit at the following website.

Source: Newswire via Mobile Syrup


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