Google Chrome now available for iOS devices

Google has just released a version of its popular browser, Chrome, for iPhone and iPad.  It has most of the features that Android and desktop users have gotten used to, including: syncing across devices and incognito and tabbed browsing.  Since Apple doesn’t allow use of other WebKit rendering engines or allow users to change the default browser, the iOS version of Chrome doesn’t provide as integrated an experience as is possible on other devices.  Despite these limitations, the availability of an alternative to Apple’s somewhat dated native browser, Safari, is welcome news for many iOS users.  In fact, it has become so popular, that after only a day or so of being in the App store, Chrome is already the Top Free App. 

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Apple’s free app of the week (June 29)

Apple’s free app this week is Little Fox Music Box – Kids Songs Sing Along.  This is an interactive singing app that is designed for kids from 2 to 6 years old.  As always this freebie can downloaded through the app store and will work on all of your iOS devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S III is here (update)

Although delayed by one week, Samsung’s latest flagship device is now available in Canada.  As you recall, the phone has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen and  a 8 MP rear facing camera capable of 1080 p video capture.  It is available on all major Canadian carriers, including: Bell, Rogers, Telus and Virgin with LTE capability.  Prices on three plans are the same on all the carriers, these being $159.95 for the 16 GB and $209.95 for the 32 GB version.  If you want to buy the phone, the 16 GB and 32 GB models are $649.95 and $699.95 respectively.  Don’t forget that with the purchase of the Galaxy S III, Canadian buyers get 50 GB of free online storage with Dropbox.

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Update: Due to the difficulty it has had in supplying the huge demand for the Galaxy S III, Telus is offering a $50 credit toward the purchase of the new device.  That’s right, if you go to a Telus store with the intention of buying the S III and there are no units available, Telus will give you a $50 credit towards the purchase of the device when it comes back in stock.  Although Telus is the only carrier to have officially offerred a credit to disappointed customers, you could probably get similiar deals out of the other carriers if you tell them about Telus’ offer.  

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Windows Phone 8 to be available on future devices only

Windows confirmed recently that their latest and greatest Phone OS, Windows Phone 8, will only be available on new hardware that is released in the fall. This means that people who buy the current line of Nokia Lumia phones, released just months ago, will not be upgraded to the new OS. Microsoft said that this is due to the upgraded hardware requirements, including higher resolution screens and multi-core processors that will be part of the new phones. They did offer some consolation as some aesthetic features, such as the enhanced start/home screen, will be available to Windows Phone 7.5 users. In an unusual move, the update will be downloadable directly from Microsoft, which will allow them to push upgrades and bug fixes directly to the users, bypassing the carriers. It does seem that the folks at Redmond are moving forward full steam, but this decision will no doubt not sit very well with early adopters of the Windows platform.

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Bell waives $35 activation fee

Bell has now joined Telus and Rogers in waiving the $35 new activation fee. This special promotion begins today and goes until June 30 so if you are picking up a new Galaxy S III next week make sure you take advantage of this deal. Anyone who signs up for a new account will get a $35 credit added to their bill within 6 weeks.

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Best Buy taking pre-orders again for Galaxy S III

It seems that Samsung and its retailers are working hard to get supply and demand of the Galaxy S III, back into balance despite the overwhelming numbers of pre-orders. After the initial overwhelming response forced them to stop taking pre-orders, Best Buy is again taking orders for the super phone. As was done previously, a $50 deposit is required to guarantee yourself a Marble White or Pebble Blue device. The Future Shop has taken a slightly different tact and indicates that the Galaxy S III will be available June 27 in-store only.

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Pinball Arcade – free this week (June 22)

Pinball enthusiasts are in luck as this week’s free app from the iTunes Store is Pinball Arcade. This is one of the better pinball apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad especially if you like the feel and the sounds of classic pinball machines. You should be aware that this app suffers from the increasing trend of in-app purchasing, only one table is included and additional ones will set you back $4.99. In any event if you like to play pinball you should take advantage of this freebee while it lasts.