Bell’s Fibe Internet Review

So does Bell’s Fibe Internet live up to its own publicity. Well I had Bell Fibe Internet 15/10 installed a couple of weeks ago and so far it seems to be worth it. If you have been renting the all-in-one modem/router (likely the 2Wire 2701), the good news is that you will get a new 802.11 b/g/n wireless modem/router to access Bell’s new Fibe network. The bad news is that it seems to have a more limited range, all of my wireless devices (i.e. iPad 2, MacBook Air and iPhone 3G) have a reduced signal strength compared to my previous 2Wire model. The modem that is installed is the Sagecom F@st 2864 which I believe is the same modem that is used for Fibe TV. Bell is no doubt counting on many of their internet customers to get tempted by their new TV service as it gets rolled out across more markets in Ontario and Quebec, it is presently only available in Toronto and Montreal.

As discussed in one of my recent posts the cost of Fibe Internet is pretty reasonable, it is about the same price as my previous service, but this new offering is definitely an upgrade. My previous service delivered download and upload speeds of 12 and 1 Mbps and 40 GB of bandwidth whereas I now get 15 and 10 Mbps and 75 GB of bandwidth. Depending on where you are and how much you want to dole out to Bell, you can get maximum download and upload speeds of 175 Mbps.

The biggest difference in the new service is the upload speed, which you would notice if you are a big gamer or use video conferencing applications like Skype. The faster uploads speeds are also needed for Bell’s Fibe TV. Some of the real life speeds that I measured with are shown below:

  • Hard wire LAN: 15.1 down and 9.5 up
  • MacBook Air: 15.1 down and 9.5 up
  • iPad 2: 14.4 down and 9.7 up
  • iPhone 3G: 2.5-4.6 down and 5.2-7.1 up
  • The speeds measured varied a little depending on the time of the day but they seem to be fairly constant, this may change though as more people in your neighborhood sign on to the new service. If you presently have Bell Internet you will definitely want to upgrade to the new Fibe Internet service.


    10 thoughts on “Bell’s Fibe Internet Review

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    2. How do you boost the wireless strength from floor to floor? My modem is on the main floor but on the second floor the signal is much weaker.

      • Gail, here are a couple of practical solutions to boosting your wireless strength:
        – if you have devices throughout your home place your wireless modem in a central location, if you tend to have your devices in a specific area, place your modem in that location (e.g. if your modem is on the first floor of your house and you are experiencing a weak signal on the second floor, move the modem to a higher location on the first floor such as the top of a bookcase or move it to the second floor)
        – move the modem away from walls and metal objects, metals tends to interfere with your signal, it is also a good idea to move it off the floor (experiment with different locations)
        – purchase a wireless repeater/range extender, these are devices that are placed halfway between your modem and your wireless device, they pick up your current wireless network signal and re-broadcast it, these are available for purchase at your local electronic stores, some manufacturers that make them are: Linksys, D-Link, Buffalo Technology; if you have an Apple computer consider purchasing the Airport Express as a signal repeater
        – change your wireless channel, just as 2-way radios sometimes have better reception on another channel the same holds true for wireless modems, this setting is found in your router’s configuration page, in the US and Canada the channels used are 1, 6 and 11
        – make sure your modem is secure, you want to make sure that your neighbour is not stealing your signal/bandwidth
        – reduce interference from other wireless devices in your home, wireless modems typically operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz which is the same frequency as many cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors and garage door openers
        – upgrade your wireless modem, older modems operate using the wireless-G standard, newer models use the wireless-N standard that are twice as fast and have a better range, these are usually backwards compatible so that you could use your old devices

        You can find some other tips on the following web sites:

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    5. about BELL FIBE INTERNET all can say is one word “AMAZING”.
      i was with rogers for many years i was paying around 90 tax incled and i was told i will have 45MBPS but i was only getting 10-15 max…not even half of what they promised me,and they kept offering me discount so i kept it but i finally decided to change my provider and looked around and read the reviews for different companies. distributel and other companies but in reviews most people had one thing in common POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE since i do IT and i work from home i cant see my internet going off and i dont wanna be on hold for hours. I decided to go with bell…. and i am getting what they actually promised me

      i am 100% happy with BELL>

      • i love Bell Fibe, i just get really pissed at the wifi range of the Sagecom router they provided. i need it to go 75ft or so but it wont go past 20ft.

        • I am getting 90 feet, with a great connection to my laptop from my apartment to my patio. Loving this new Fibe service. I get faster speeds than what they promised. Very pleased.

    6. Peyvand, Are you still happy, now almost a year later? I’m now with Rogers, but have been thinking about switching back to Bell. I very much appreciate your updated info.

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