Apple’s free App of the week (Update: June 8)

It seems that Apple is starting to pay attention to its competition from Amazon and is now itself giving away a free app to its loyal iOS users.  For some time Amazon has been offering a Free App of the Day to Andoid owners.  Apple’s take on this freebie scheme is to offer a Free App of the Week, the first one being: Cut the Rope: Experiments.  If you go to the app store you will indeed see that this app is free for a limited time.

Source: Engadget

Update: Apple’s App of the week starting on June 1 is Snapseed, a photo editing app.  Snapseed was named as Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2011 so it would be well worth your time to download the app and save yourself the regular $4.99 cost of it.

Update 2: Just in time for the weekend Apple has just released their free app of the week.  It seems they are alternating between productivity and game apps as this week its a game and not just any game it’s “Monsters Ate My Condo”.  So head on over to the App store and get the weekend started.


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