MacBook updates announced today

Lots of hardware news at today’s WWDC. Apple announced upgrades to the MacBook Air and Pro lines and added a “Next Generation” MacBook Pro.

The Air and Pro “Classic” received updates to their CPU, all models have been updated to Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processor. With the new processor comes support for the long awaited USB 3.0 standard. The computers actually have ports that can handle both the older USB 2.0 standard as well as the newer 3.0. The front facing cameras have also been updated, they now support 720 p video. The MacBook “Classic” will also include an option for the latest Kepler equipped Nvidia graphics cards. As is Apple’s tradition, the upgraded models can be had for the same price as the older models.

Although people were originally disappointed that the upgraded computers did not have the fabled “retina displays”, their frown was turned upside down with the announcement of the “Next Generation” MacBook Pro. The TNG Pro does indeed have a beautiful, 2880 x1880, 220 ppi retina display. The 15.3″ model that was shown off, is almost as thin as a MacBook Air which is accomplished with all flash memory and the removal of the optical drive. Other features include a HD camera, dual mics and the “best speakers” and sound system in any Mac computer. A well equipped base model with a quad core i7 2.3 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GT 650M 1 GB video card and 256 GB flash storage will cost $2,199.

The other piece of good news at today’s hardware announcements was that the new models are ready to be shipped out today. So head on over to the Apple Store (virtual or real) with your credit cards to get these latest magical products from Apple.


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