“Next Generation” MacBook Pro rated nearly unrepairable by ifixit

It seems that the “Next Generation” MacBook Pro has more things in common with the MacBook Air than most people thought.  A recent tear down posted by ifixit rates Apple’s new flagship product as “… one the least repairable laptops they have ever encountered.”  In fact on their 10 point reparability scale they rated it as a 1.  Some of the items that were listed as particular irritants by the do-it-yourselfers were:
  • use of proprietary pentalobe screws, making disassembly very difficult (these types of screws are used on the MacBook Air);
  • the RAM is soldered onto the mother board, this is probably the most commonly replaced part due to the high price that Apple charges for RAM upgrades;
  • a proprietary SSD that is not upgradeable;
  • a lithium polymer battery that is glued in place and that covers the track pad cable, making battery removal difficult and likely to cause damage when attempted; and
  • a display assembly that is completely fused, making repair almost impossible.
 Of course when Apple first introduced MacBooks with non-replaceable batteries there was an uproar but people soon became accustomed to this practice.  This trend is expected to be continued and likely to be rolled out across the Apple’s laptops as the “Classic” MacBook Pro’s are soon expected to be extinct.  Apple should at least make people aware of the non-upgradeability of the new MacBook Pro since many buyers in the past bought the cheapest configuration and upgraded it themselves due to the high cost of Apple’s own upgrades.  If you are still interested in getting an Apple computer and upgrading it, you should get the “Classic” model as it is still possible to upgrade the RAM and swap out the hard drive.

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