Real Life Review: Blackberry Playbook – Battery Issue

The Blackberry Playbook is a solid, reliable device that has an excellent sound system and takes and plays back HD video.  Apparently, it is has the ability to run Android apps, although this hasn’t been tested or reported widely yet.

One of the drawbacks is that it won’t access some types of email systems, including GroupWise Email.  In addition, the WiFi connection is not as reliable as it should, although this could be related to a router location issue.

The main problem occurred when the battery ran down completely.  When this happens it chimes like a car warning bell as if the key has been left in the ignition or the door is ajar.  In fact when the battery first ran down I thought that our car was chiming and therefore I went to check the vehicle 3 times before checking the web on known chime issues with our vehicle.  Eventually it stopped chiming.

The next day the battery was dead and the Playbook would not boot even with the charger attached.  All it would do when the charger was attached is display a red light for about 5 seconds followed by 5 green/yellow light flashes then nothing.  The charger stayed on for days and the Playbook would not start.  I checked the web and found millions of hits when searching this topic, apparently I was not alone.  I attempted connecting and disconnecting the charger as suggested but with no success.  One post suggested getting a rapid charger and connecting it up to the magnetic 3 pin Apple Power type connector, this worked.  Apparently the Blackberry Playbook will not charge unless the operating system is running and it can’t start-up without some charge on the battery and the supplied charger doesn’t have enough power to get the Playbook booted.  Note that I have also heard about this being an issue with Blackberry smart phones.  Apparently the solution for the phone is to remove the battery and start it up with the charger, once it has booted you can put the battery back into the device.  Since the battery can’t be removed in the Playbook this technique won’t work for it.

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