Apple reverses decision on EPEAT certification

Less than a week after Apple decided to remove the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification from their 39 products, they announced today that all eligible products will be back in the certification program again. Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, in a letter on Apple’s website, recognized the decision as a mistake, citing many customers who were disappointed with the move. EPEAT is a tool that can be used to evaluate the impact a product has on the environment, some organizations will not in fact buy products that are not certified. As a result of the removal of products from the list, the city of San Francisco announced that it’s employees could no longer buy Mac computers. Apple originally removed the label from its products for reasons related to its “design direction”. This led many to speculate that the new Retina Display MacBook Pro, which iFixit named as the least repairable laptop they have ever taken apart, would not be eligible for a EPEAT label. Ironically, Apple was one of the companies that helped create the standards in 2006 upon which EPEAT is based.

Source: Engadget and The Verge


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