AirPlay/Mirroring requires mid-2011 or newer Mac

Ever since AirPlay/Mirroring came to the iPad and iPhone, Mac users have been looking forward to the having the same capabilities for their computers.  In fact, when AirPlay was announced for Mountain Lion, it became one of the most anticipated features in the upgrade.  Now that the new OS has actually been launched there are reports of many frustrated users as they realize that AirPlay requires a mid 2011 or newer computer. Although this requirement was listed in the footnotes (that pesky fine print) on the OS’s “What’s New” page and in the specifications notes of “Feature Specific Requirements”, it is clear that most people did not see these caveats.  Apparently the older models don’t have the hardware to transmit video fast enough to an external screen without excessive heat buildup in the device.  If you have a pre-2011 Mac and you want to stream your computer’s display to a Apple TV you can use AirParrot, an app that mimics AirPlay/Mirroring.

Source: iPhone in Canada


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