Samsung retains first position in the cell phone race

Second quarter results released by IDC show that Samsung has now attained the top position in the overall cell phone race, with 97.8 million units being shipped. Nokia which was the leader for many years, slipped to second place with 83.7 million units being shipped, which is a 20.6% reduction. Rounding out the top five were: Apple, ZTE and LG Electronics with 26.0, 17.7 and 13.1 million phones being shipped respectively. RIM, who was usually in the top 5, now only commands 5% of the market. A little more information can be gained from recent earnings reports from both Apple and Samsung this week. Apple reported that they shipped 26 million iPhones which amounts to 16.9% of the smartphone market, while Samung shipped 50.2 million smartphones (32.6% of the smartphone market) in the same quarter. These two manufacturers alone now account for nearly 50% of the smartphone market in the world. A further analysis of the data shows a small quarter over quarter decline for iPhone sales, likely a result of the release of the wildly popular Galaxy S III as well as people holding off buying the iPhone 4S in anticipation of the fall release of a new iPhone model.

Source: Mobile Syrup and Engadget


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