Microsoft’s new Online email system:

Microsoft launched a new email service this week called which will co-exist with Hotmail.  The service includes “virtually” unlimited storage (Google offers only 10 GB of free storage), as well as 7 GB of SkyDrive space when you sign up for a new Microsoft account.  Existing Hotmail customers can upgrade to the preview version by hitting the Options button in the upper right corner and selecting “Upgrade to”.  Compared to Hotmail it is a much cleaner UI, gone are the display banners and ads with embedded videos.  In fact in the publicity for the new service, Microsoft points out that the header contains 60% fewer pixels, making room for 50% more emails on a page.  As it has done in the recent preview of Outlook 2013, many buttons like delete and “mark as read” don’t show up unless you hover over an email with your mouse.  The new look also includes a closer integration with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to check up on your friends with whom you are messaging.  Although not active now, will have Skype built in, similar to Gmail’s Google Talk.  Also coming are standalone mobile applications, no word yet on which OS it will be supporting.  The service is open to the public so anyone can sign up, no invitation is required so why don’t you go try it today.

Source: Engadget and The Verge

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