CBC and TVO end analog transmission on July 31

Anybody who has been using an antenna to receive CBC and TVO (TV Ontario) in small cities, towns and rural areas will no longer be able to pick up these channels without getting a cable or satellite TV subscription.  This is as a result of CBC/Radio Canada and TVO shutting down their analog transmitters on July 31.  CBC notes that only 1.7% of its viewers will be affected by the change as most households in Canada receive their television signals through cable or satellite.  In addition, broadcasters in cities with populations larger than 300,000 have already been mandated by the Canadian Radio Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to switch to digital transmitters in August 2011.  To pick up over-the-air (OTA) television signals in these areas you will need either a digital TV or a digital-to-analog converter box along with an antenna. More on this switch to digital TV can be found on an earlier blog. Although some other broadcasters in small communities may still be transmitting analog signals, when these transmitters reach the end of their life, the local broadcasters may likely choose not to replace them.

Source: CBC, Newswire and CACTUS


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