New study finds that the App Store contains more than 400,000 undownloaded apps

A study performed by Adeven found that Apple’s App Store contains more than 400,000 applications that have never been downloaded.  These so called, “zombie” apps make up nearly 2/3 of the total apps in the store and are virtually invisible to users.  According to Adeven CEO, Christian Henschel, there are only a couple of thousand apps that really get a lot downloads due to Apple’s closed system and lack of an adequate search capability. The only way to discover apps is through promotions, reviews or through the App’s Stores, Featured and Top lists.  Mr. Henschel goes on to say that only large companies get on these lists, if you’re an independent small app publisher it is very difficult to get discovered.  Adeven obtained this data from its own analytics tool, Apptrace, that collates data from the 155 countries where Apple’s App stores are in business.  A similar app for Android is set to be released later this year.

Source: iPhone in Canada and GIGAOM


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