YouTube native app removed from iOS

In preparation for the release of the upgrade to its mobile OS expected in the fall (likely next month), Apple recently released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers.  This latest beta includes a long list of fixes, upgrades to old features and additions of already announced new features, for example Address Book, shared calendar alerts, iTunes, Safari and Maps. One change that came as a bit of a surprise was the exclusion of the native YouTube app which has been a part of the OS since the first iPhone was introduced in 2007.  In a statement from Cupertino, Apple announced that its licensing agreement with Google has ended and therefore the YouTube is being removed in the update.  I guess this shouldn’t come as a complete surprise given the recent removal of Google maps from the new OS.  Apparently Google is working on a new app for its popular music and video sharing site that will have to go through the same Apple approval process that all of the other apps in the App Store have to undergo.  Devices running iOS 5 and earlier will continue to support the native YouTube app.  It is expected that the dedicated app on Apple TV will also remain.

Source: Mobile Syrup iPhone in Canada and The Verge


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