Most expect new iPhone to be announced on Sept 12

Well it’s looking more and more likely that the new iPhone will be announced on September 12, with it actually being available on September 21.  Mobile Syrup among other blogs is reporting today that not only will it be on announced on September 12 but that pre-orders will be taken that day as well.  Recent price reductions of the 4S by Sprint, Best Buy and Future Shop as well as by Apple itself have fuelled the rumour mill these days.  It is expected that all suppliers are trying to make room in their inventories for the new iPhone as well as try to increase lagging sales.  So unless you really need to have a new phone right now and can’t resist the sales you should probably wait for a couple of weeks to get Cuptertino’s latest and greatest.  The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6 is also expected to be released to the wild along with the new hardware.  In keeping with recent patterns of release for the iPhone 4S and the “New” iPad, Canada will likely be among the first countries to be able to pre-order the device.

Source: Mobile Syrup


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