Reserving your iPhone 5 (update)

Update: Although not official yet, most experts agree that all Canadian carriers mentioned in the keynote by Apple today will be taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on September 14 along with the Apple store.  It was confirmed that the Apple Store will have the new device for purchase starting at 8:00 am on September 21.  It is also expected that the carriers and electronic box stores will have a limited number of units for sale on September 21.

If you remember prior to last year’s launch of the iPhone 4S, Rogers sent out reminders to its customers, via text messages, to encourage them to use their on-line reservation system.  It seems that Rogers as well as a Fido have done this in anticipation of the announcement of the iPhone 5 tomorrow.  I used the system last year and there seemed to be some bugs in it at least initially but it did work as promised, although it took a bit longer to get a device than I hoped.  A reservation does require you to register as a user and to pay a $40 deposit to get your device delivered to a store of your choice.  If you end up changing your mind and finding a iPhone from a store while you are awaiting for your reserved device you can cancel and get your deposit returned.  If you want to follow this route, instead of camping outside a Rogers store, you should set up an account and get ready for the pre-orders to begin.  It is expected that pre-orders will start to be accepted soon after tomorrow’s announcement.

Source: iPhone in Canada

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