More than half of Canadian wireless subscribers have smartphones

Data shown at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show recently show that 54% of Canadian cell phone users have a smartphone, this is up from 36% just a year ago.  As expected the largest market shares are held by Samsung at 25%, followed by Apple and LG each at 17% and then RIM at 14%.  In terms of OS, Google and Apple are neck and neck, with Google slightly ahead at 34%, up nearly 15 percentage points from last year.  The largest mobile carrier by number of subscribers is Rogers Wireless at 25%, followed by Telus with 23% and Bell at 19%.  Even though Samsung is the top manufacturer, the Apple iPhone is the single most popular smartphone with all three top carriers.  It is interesting to note that there are no android phones amongst the top five devices at Rogers; it consists of iPhones in the first, second and fifth rankings and Blackberry devices in the third and fourth spots.  Something that you may want to keep in mind as a whole slate of new smartphones are being introduced this fall is the listing of the top 10 smartphones based on consumer satisfaction.  The top ten were: 1) Apple iPhone 4S, 64 GB; 2) Apple iPhone 4, 32 GB; 3) Apple iPhone 4S, 16 GB, 4) Apple iPhone 4, 16 GB, 5) Samsung Galaxy S II 4G; 6) Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250; 7) Apple iPhone 4, 8 GB; 8) Apple iPhone 4S, 32 GB; 9) Samsung Galaxy S II LTE; and 10) RIM Blackberry Bold 9900.  It should be noted that the phones were ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, and the difference between the top phone and the 10th phone was only 0.6 points.  This data was collected in June 2012 by MobiLens.
Source: Mobile Syrup

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