6 GB Data plans compared on different Canadian carriers

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet, either directly through their browser or through the various applications they use, data bandwidth is becoming a more important feature.  Carriers have recognized this and at least for the iPhone launches they have made available pretty descent deals on 6 GB data plans.  Well, this most recent iPhone launch is no exception as Canadian carriers have announced the availability of reasonably priced 6 GB data plans.  A recent post on Mobile Syrup has compared these plans.  Here is a summary of their findings:
  • Rogers
    • 200 minutes
    • My 10 Canada wide calling
    • Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6 pm
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Cost: 73 $/month
  •  Bell
    • 200 anytime minutes
    • Unlimited Fab 10 calling
    • Unlimited weekends and evening starting at 6 pm
    • Unlimited text, picture & video messaging
    • 10 hours of Mobile TV
    • Cost: 73 $/month
  • Telus
    • 200 local time minutes
    • Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling
    • Unlimited local Early Nights and Weekends starting at 6 pm
    • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging
    • Unlimited Nationwide talk and text messaging with your 10 Favourite Numbers
    • Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
    • Unlimited local calling for 1 month
    • Price: 75 $/month
  • Virgin Mobile
    • 200 anytime minutes
    • Unlimited Canada-wide talk and text to 10 buddies
    • Unlimited weekends and evenings starting at 6 pm
    • Unlimited Canada, US & International text and picture messaging
    • Price: 75 $/month
  • Koodo Mobile
    • Up to 150 anytime minutes
    • Unlimited Canada-wide family calling, call waiting and conference calling
    • Unlimited evening and weekends, starting at 5 pm
    • Unlimited text and picture messaging
    • Call display and voicemail
    • Price: 65 $/month

In addition to the 6 GB of data per month all of the Canadian carriers seem to offer similiar plans, although there does seem to be a small price advantage for Koodo.  It should be noted as well, that only Bell, Virgin and Telus will be supporting HD Voice, a feature that is available on the new iPhone.

Source: Mobile Syrup


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