New Maps App in iOS 6 is no Google Maps

As you probably know the new version of iOS no longer includes the Google Maps app that has been on the iOS since the iPhone was introduced back in 2007. To replace the Google version, Apple has added it’s own Maps App that it has developed in collaboration with a number of partners. Well, the iOS has not been out 24 hours yet and it is already received a fair amount of criticism for its new mapping application. Although it may look nice with beautiful 3D renderings and flyovers, there is a lot information that is no longer available or incorrect, for example transit information and basic location data. If you absolutely rely on the maps functionality of your iDevice you may want to consider holding back on upgrading to iOS 6 or look for an alternative app. Garmin has just updated its NAVIGON App and may be a useful navigational aid. The Google Maps app will remain functioning in iOS 5 and Google has not given a firm date for the introduction of a stand alone iOS 6 version.

Source: iPhone in Canada


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