Rogers $50 Upgrade Rebate On-line

Customers who recently upgraded to the new iPhone 5 on an eligible 3 year voice and data plan qualify for a $50 mail in rebate. You can get the rebate form at the Rogers website or from the retailer where you purchased your new phone. Even though the form says that the iPhone is not eligible, it is. You can mail this form in with the original receipt but an easier option would be to get the rebate processed on-line. To complete the rebate process on-line, follow these steps:

1) Login to your MyRogers account
2) Click on “Account Info”
3) Click on the “Products and Services” tab, you should by default be in the “Wireless” section, if not choose “Wireless”
4) If you have multiple Rogers devices, select the phone number of the eligible device
5) Under the “My Phone” section, you should have a “Get Rebate” button, click on this
6) The next screen is the rebate form which should already be completed with your information
7) Verify that the information is correct and then click the submit button at the bottom of the screen and you’re done

You should get a email from “” confirming that your account will be credited for the $50.

Thanks Greg


2 thoughts on “Rogers $50 Upgrade Rebate On-line

  1. Thanks so much… They make this rebate impossible the find. The same information is in overview as well but they do not post the rebate there because it is too easy to see. Rogers service is great but they are sneaky buggers. Thanks again

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