Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium now available

As expected Microsoft has released a new version of its popular software, Office 2013, today.  For those who like to actually get a hard copy, there are three versions available: Home and Student, Home and Business and Professional.  The Home and Student version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and sells for $139.  The other two versions are selling for $219 and $399 respectively.  If you are a type of person who prefers to get your software from the cloud then you may want to look into Office 365.  The Home Premium version is a little cheaper than the hardcopy at $99, but it is a subscription and allows access for only 1 year.  An advantage though is that is always up to date and you can load it onto up to five PC’s and Macs at the same time.  It also includes 20 GB of SkyDrive storage.  Engadget just posted a review of the Microsoft’s new offering if you want to determine if the upgrade is for you.

Source: Endgaget Office 365 and Office 365 Review



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