Apple Update Tuesday (February 19)

Apple was certainly busy yesterday (February 19), releasing updates for iOS, OS X and iTunes. First up was an update to iOS which has received a lot attention due to a recently discovered security flaw which makes it easy to bypass the iPhone’s unlock screen. The update to the mobile OS does not address this major flaw but dealt with another related to the Microsoft Exchange Calendar that resulted in increased network activity causing a battery drain. Following on the breach of security affecting computers at Apple, it has issued a Java update for OS X which is meant for versions 10.7 and later. A new malware removal tool is also included. Finally, iTunes version 11.0.2 was released via Apple’s software update tool. The update allows users to sort songs and other content by composer, improves syncing especially with large playlists, fixes a bug that prevented some purchases from appearing in your library as well as the popular stability and performance improvements.

Sources: Boy Genius Report and TUAW

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