Acceptance rates of iOS Updates, Authorized and Not

Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to fix the Exchange calendar bug that caused large battery drain issues on February 19. Just 5 days later, 34.9% of iOS web traffic were seen as using the new operating system. The acceptance rate is pretty well unparalleled by other mobile OS’s. Most Apple device users want to get the latest version as soon as possible even though the update provides only minor bug fixes as was the case for this update. It does help that iOS devices receive their updates directly from Apple and not from their carriers which happens for most other cell phone and tablet devices. What now seems to go hand in hand with the updates to the latest mobile OS for Apple users is the downloading of the latest jailbreaking tool, eavsiOn. Now, a month after it was released, it has been reported that more than 14 million iOS devices running iOS 6.x were accessing Cydia, the jailbroken app store. The total number of Apple devices accessing the unauthorized store over the last month was up to 23 million. Not only do Apple owners like their authorized updates, but the jailbreaking has gotten so common place that, unauthorized updates are also becoming a normal part of their ritual.

Source: Boy Genius Report and Apple Insider


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