Google Chromebooks to be sold in Canada

Google just announced that Chromebooks manufactured by Acer, HP and Samsung will soon be available in 6 countries, including Canada. Other countries included in the rollout are: Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The laptops will retail for under $350 and come with 100 GB of cloud storage for two years. Although Google Docs and Gmail will be available offline, to get the most out the functionality of these devices you will need a WiFi connection. The Samsung version of the Chromebook has a 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 display, a dual-core A15 based Exynos CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash storage. For further information about the Samsung variation, visit Engadget. It is expected that the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks will be available at the Future Shop and Best Buy. If you are interested in the HP Pavilion Chromebook you will have to get that directly from their website.

In other Chromebook news, Digitimes is reporting that Google has only sold 500,000 units so far. The fact that it is now available in 6 other countries could help sales figures but it could take a while for the Chromebook to gain any sort of traction in the laptop market. Further acceptance could come if Google makes progress on integrating the Chrome and Android OS.

Source: Engadget, Mobile Syrup and BGR.


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